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Compare Birth Control is a review based website that allows women to read and write reviews on currently available oral contraceptives, helping them to make an informed decision on their choice of contraceptive pill.

There are currently over 50 different oral contraceptive pills; each one containing different levels of synthetic hormones and therefore, has the ability to elicit different side effects in the women taking them.  Ireland, UK, USA and forty-two other countries currently require a prescription to purchase the pill but it is well-known that many doctors can prescribe the same pill brand to every patient that walks into their clinic, due a lack of knowledge on the reactions that each different brand can elicit. Also, the emergence of online Pharmacy’s, such as Lloyd’s Pharmacy, allows women easier access to contraception, but leaves them with even less information about the pill brands they choosing as they no longer have the guidance of a GP.

Women now must try and test different brands of oral contraceptives until they find one that suits their lifestyle, even if that brand isn’t the perfect pill for them. With the emergence of online pharmacies, women are left more venerable as they must make decisions on drugs they really have no idea about, without realizing that different pills have different effects. They are wasting time, money and energy.

But this does not have to be the case!

www.comparebirthcontrol.com will allow women to read reviews written by other women about their experience of a particular pill brand. From this guidance, women can decide which pill may suit their lifestyle best, and therefore can make an informed choice with their GP or while buying prescriptions online, before they purchase a 6 month prescription.

Help women by writing a review, allowing them to make a more informed decision on what birth control pill they are choosing.

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